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  • Form Php With Multiple Fields

    It sends a XLS copy of the mail.It also has a combo box with all the countries in the options list. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 9 or higher

  • Contact Form Php

    The form still uses a PHP mailing script to send out the form's data.Usage and installation is pretty simple,the file just needing be inserted in the Fash project, while also adding the PHP form to the server. Requirements:· ActionScript 3·

  • Form With Mail Confirm - Utf8

    The PHP send form is also included in the download package.Special caracters are supported, the form being encoded in UTF8. Requirements:· Flash Player

  • Working Asp Mail Form

    They only need to add their email and domain SMTP address information to the form. Requirements:· ActionScript 2· Flash Player 9 or higher

  • Php Contact Form

    It can be used in Flash applications to implement a contact form, and send feedback to site admins. Here are some key features of "Php Contact Form":· AS 3.0· Simple, easy.· Supports email verification with PHP. Requirements:· Act

  • Text Preloader

    It can count in five different languages. Here are some key features of "Text Preloader":· Easy to use;· Help file included;· Can choose five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.· In the preview the language will

  • As3isolib 200902051239 (beta release ver 1.0)

    It was designed to to assist in creating isometrically projected content like games and graphics.As3isolib includes utilities, primitives and views. As3isolib was developed with simplicity, speed and performance in mind so that developers can focus o

  • Scroll Bar

    Users can configure the way the scroll is done, scroll speed, hide directional arrows, mouse wheel scroll and many more. Here are some key features of "Scroll Bar":· Easy to use· AS3 Classes· Only 2kb!· Any scroll direction·

  • Two Level Xml Accordion Menu

    The menu has an accordion animation effect, with two levels of navigation. Here are some key features of "Two Level XML Accordion Menu":· XML driven flash accordion menu· This accordion menu has two levels – unlimited amount of categories

  • Xml Driven News Banner

    It can import links from RSS feeds, specified in the XML file. Here are some key features of "XML Driven News Banner":· Full XML Driven· Resizable – news banner width, news height, number of news very easy to change from XML or flashvars&

  • Animated Flash/php Formmailer 2.0

    The script puts your background full with small cubes and when you rollover it creates a random color. It is very cool effect for a background. You must just copy the code in the first frame to your flashproject. The dimensions of the cube can b

  • Flash Contact Form Script

    ContactForm is a simple contact that just need to copy and past all frames into your movie.in php file You will need to need to add your contact email address.Your server must support php to use this form. It provides a nice tab sequence.All fie

  • Contactformbox 2.0

    ContactFormBox is an advanced complete contact form with comboboxes and checkbox.Features: - Drag and Drop to your projects - ComboBoxes check and results - Chechbox control - Advanced tabs control, with mail advanced check - 2 mail sent after click,

  • Request A Quote Form - Php

    This is a PHP Request a Quote Form script for your business website. It is a complete PHP email form with all the fields needed to get important contact information from your future clients. Features: - Simple and effective. - Works with PH

  • Tell-a-friend Medium

    This script is based on a flat text file and PHP. This tell a friend script enables you to let your visitors tell their friends about your website. It uses the PHP mail function to send a mail with a personal note, to the address a visitor specified

  • Request A Quote Form - Asp

    Request a Quote Form - ASP is a complete ASP email form with all the fields needed to get important contact information from your future clients.Features: - Simple and effective. - Supports both Remote and Local SMTP Servers. - Records IP Addresses -

  • Pricequote Form

    Pricequote Form is a must have for all web developers and many company websites, a price quote form allows for customers to express interest in your services quickly and easily. This file makes it easy by providing: -Easy deployment with a movie

  • Flash And Php Mail Form

    The form validates a valid email address has been entered, before allowing users to send the form. This Php mail form sends a confirmation to the sender.  Flash knowledge required is at basic level.The movie clip can be dragged into any flash pr

  • Feedback Form #1

    Feedback form #1 is a contact form with e-mail validation and with a textfield for your contact information.Data is sent to the PHP script that creates an HTML-formatted e-mail with your logo attached and sends it to your mailbox. You can set your ma

  • Ktextinput 4.0

    This component is a clone of TextInput classic component, and works the same. But it has a different input data validation system. With kTextInput, you can now test if a text input in "email" field is a valid email address, or if phone number or

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