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  • Controlling Time Line Wid The Slider

    As the user moves the slider around, the animation goes back and forward according to the slider's position. Requirements:· ActionScript 2· Flash Player 8 or higher

  • Easy Download & Save

    Easy DOWNLOAD & SAVE script allows you to download easily any files (.jpg, .pdf, .mp3, etc) to your computer. Main Features: - It opens automatically the save window ; - Downloading percentage displayed while processing; - Copy/paste c

  • Flash Download Manager 3.0

    With this file you can manage your server downloads easily, you can add users and especific folders and privileges for each user. There is a XML file that manages the user login, in the XML file you specify: username - password - privileges for the u

  • Azureus Flash Stats 0.1

    Azureus Flash Stats is a viewer for the stats xml generated by the Azureus BitTorrent Client. A torrent file/link system is also to be implemented further on.

  • Bluefusion

    The BlueFusion package consists of a Java SocketServer and a Flash Client which can execute basic file functions such as write to files, delete files, copy files from within Flash. It is designed for XML-Files but can handle all types of plain text.

  • Moviecliploader

    How to load image/movie using MovieClipLoader class.

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