• Ultimate Xml Flash Shop V1.10

    The XML file controls settings like item name, product id, price, thumbnail source, item image, shipping cost for first item, shipping cost for each item after first and description text (fully HTML tag formatted). Here are some key features of "Ulti

  • Flash Cafepress Store

    Cafepress has an api giving users the ability to access their store information. Flashpress uses this api to create the first and only Flash Cafepress store that can be hosted on your site. Setting up your Flashpress store is simple. You don&rsq

  • F-delivery

    F-Delivery is an interactive web-application (Flash - PHP) designed to auto-delivery digital products using PayPal. PayPal receives payments for products worldwide. One problem faced by many people, however, is how to provide a fast and secure way to

  • F-cart

    The FEX F-Cart - PayPal for Flash is a shopping cart fully powered with XML and directly integrated with PayPal shopping cart features, very fast to customize and with less than 30 minutes is ready to begin to sell. Create categories and register pro

  • Barcode 39 1.0

    BarCode 39 is a bar codes generator Flash component, which can be printed/scanned on sheet labels or custom packaging. BarCode 39 (sometimes called "code 39") is a widely used barcode standard that includes capital letters, numbers, and several symbo

  • Stock Watch Applets 1.0

    Stock Watch Applets are a  set of stock watch applets, inspired by stockapplets.com. These are identical in function, but various designs are provided to match different possible website designs. Features: - 100% of the Flash 2004 Professio

  • Business Applets 1.1

    This script provide you some often-requested business applets for your website. Two very simple calculators, and a simple pie-charter. Features: - Calculator XML configuration file allows changing of most interface colors, as well as the display alig

  • Ppcc 1.2

    PPCC is a set of drag-and-drop components that allow designers and developers to easily integrate a shopping cart into Flash-based commerce sites. FEATURES: - PPCC makes it easy to create Flash-to-PayPal commerce sites. - Great for designers. PPCC is

  • Level Four Storefront

    This Flash component will allow Flash aficionados to run a shop in their favorite environment.Level Four Storefront is no way inferior to other online shop solutions and is a good alternative to regular PHP-based installations. Here are some key feat

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