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  • Mega Chat 5

    Comes in 2 versions, one is a simple, classic, text chat scrip, while the second version adds video chatting support.Works without Red5 or other Flash server, just a web host with PHP installed. Here are some key features of "Mega Chat":· Unlimi

  • Hasha Video Chat 1.3

    It allows people in different locations to talk to each other using their web cam and Internet connection. Here are some key features of "Hasha Video Chat":· Audiovisual communication among 5 users at the same time. The maximum number of connect

  • Amstock

    The main purpose of this tool is to display financial, banking and business charts, but can also be used for visualizing any date(time)-based data.Stock Chart is a powerful application that lets a developer forget about most of the boring parts in bu

  • Expressway Flexchat 1.0

    Expressway Flexchat is a web application that adds real-time audio video and text chat to any website. It is great for businesses where human interaction and a personal touch are necessities.It can be used in applications like e-learning, customer se

  • Chat Zone

    Besides the chat rooms, the application has a webmail service incorporated, an instant messaging module, game rooms, video sharing and many other more. Here are some key features of "Chat Zone":· Web OS look and feel.· Multilanguage support

  • Ppv Chat

    The system can be used for online learning, consulting services, entertainment, financial brokering and many more. Here are some key features of "PPV Chat":· Advanced video gallery· Multilingual support· Users pay for the time they use

  • Community Video Chat 5.1

    Community Video Chat is feature-rich, multi-user real time video/audio/text flash application that will enable all possible ways to communicate for your site users. It supports text messages with all text formatting tools available in other FlashComs

  • Easy Chat Pay-per-view

    Easy Chat Pay-Per-View is a web based solution that allows audio/video/text communication between chat performers and their clients using web cameras (webcam software for AV chat). Chat performers and the website owner earn money from each minut

  • Agriya Flash Chit Chat

    Agriya's Flash Chit Chat application allows you for efficient social interactions between members spread across the globe. A community can use the Flash web Chat application to allow its members to have an interactive session with a special guest or

  • Chatbot 1.0

    This script is a bot that chats and can be easily customized! How to configure the XML Best way to learn is to look at the XML included, the root node can be named anything, and after that the node names are the key words, the program takes a se

  • Chatfx

    chatFX combines the power of Flash and XML to produce an intuitive, multi-platform, highly customizable chat client anyone can install and use.

  • Zlchat

    zlchat is the next generation of web conferencing software that enables professionals to instantly communicate and collaborate through easy-to-use, easy-to-access online personal meeting rooms. It breaks down the technology barriers of traditional we

  • Flashpioneer Chat 1.03b

    Are you tired of chatting only in text? Or do you expect chatting by drawing and acting besides writing? FlashPioneer says that chat could mean more than communication. FlashChat provides you with a dramatic space to chat. Making communication become

  • Flash Irc Client

    Flash IRC client is a feature rich open source web-chat client based on IRCwx protocol. It is built in flash - 95% of all browsers have flash installed, no activex to download and no hassle in installation, completely cross platform (works on Windows

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