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  • Hand Drawn Clock

    Hand Drawn Clock is a scalable vector Flash clock with a hand drawn or watercolor feel. All actionscript is self contained on the clock so just place it on the stage, scale it how you would like and you are done. The script is very easy to install, u

  • Xml World Timezone Clocks

    This is a very light weight (7kb) world/timezone clock. All you need to do is add the cities and their timezone offsets into the xml file and upload. You don’t even need to open the flash file. You can also customize how many rows and columns,

  • Stellar Analog Clock

    Stellar Analog Clock creates a functional analog clock with moving wheels.In order to use it, you must just copy the movie clip and paste it in your movie. and scale down to size. It is readable even in tiny scale.

  • Dynamic Flash Calendar

    Dynamic Flash Calendar is an easy to use calendar with multi-language support. It is fully resizable. You can easy drag and drop the calendar movieclip to a other file because all the actionscript is in the movieclip. The script is compatible with al

  • Flash Digital Counter

    Flash Digital Counter is an all-vector, scalable Flash counter movie. It counts up from or down to a target value by a specified rate. It is very easily customizable. By editing an XML config file, you can adjust: - number of digits - number of decim

  • Mouse Clock

    Mouse Clock script displays a Flash clock near the mouse pointer while it stays still.Features: - Time to Show - Fade time - -X,Y Position from the Cursor - Option to hide the mouse when date appear - you can change clock color, font

  • Clock - Analog / Numeric 1.0

    Clock - Analog / Numeric allows you to display current time using a Flash animation. It's made to be used as it is, but you have the .FLA (source file), so if you have some notions in Actionscripting, you will be able to customize it to make your own

  • Flash Calendar

    The Flash Calendar is an extremely lightweight dynamic monthly-based calendar which retrieves information about the current full date from the user’s System clock. The calendar highlights the current day and specifies the current month.

  • Flash Analogue Countdown Clock

    Flash Analogue Countdown Clock is an all-vector, scalable Flash countdown clock movie (ActionScript 2.0). It counts down to a target date based on the user’s system clock. Multiple versions included: 4-day / hours / minutes / seconds, 3-da

  • Flash Clock

    This is a simple analog clock made with ActionScript 2.0. It is very easy to modify, to change the clock style and graphics. This clock could be useful to add on your website, forum or blog. The Flash Clock is compatible with all modern web brow

  • Daily Calendar With Images (xml)

    Daily Calendar with Images (XML) is a lightweight (4kb) daily calendar with images that can be either random, on a weekly, monthly, or yearly cycle. It helps you to show off your artwork, comics, photos, or products just like the tear away calendars

  • Calendar Template

    Calendar Template is a website template with portfolio driven by a calendar. Features: - Calendar driven portfolio;  - Supports images, flv video and swf’s on the portfolio section;  - Complete FLV player included;  - Detects ext

  • Date/time Widget Web 2.0 1.0

    This is a very easy to use date widget whose skin can be customized just by calling .setWorkingSkin(workingSkinNumber) (1 for gray skin and 2 for blue skin). The date is taken from a list of items in an XML file, each item having its own date and tim

  • Flash Digital Clock Script

    This digital clock uses the ActionScript functions available in Flash to show the current time.It is available as a SmartClip, and has the following features: - Configurable Foreground Colour - Configurable Background Colour To install this SmartClip

  • Projects Calendar 1.0

    Projects calendar is a XML-based calendar component made in Flash. It can be useful when it's necessary to show the projects timeline on your website. The code is highly customizable.This script provides compatibility with all modern web browsers. Re

  • Flash Calendar Application

    Flash Calendar Script is an interactive Flash calendar with month-at-a-glance and expanding day cells that show a complete day's activities. Features: - Easy to use, navigate and maintain. - Customize colors for text, background and borders. - M

  • Old Analog Clock

    Old Analog Clock component allows you to implement into your website an analog clock made with Flash. The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.It provides compatibility with all modern web browsers Flash enabled. Requi

  • Analogue Clock (as2 As3)

    This component is an analogue clock with inner bottom secondHand area. It includes ActionScript 2.0 / ActionScript 3.0 versions. This component is compatible with all modern web browsers Flash enabled.

  • Countdown 1

    CountDown 1 is a simple timer for your website to show a countdown to your visitors in few seconds.Very simple to use : - drag the component on the stage - resize it (as you would resize a button component) - look at the parameters defined for t

  • Digital Clock Flash 1.0

    Digital Clock is a fully customizable digital clock Flash component.Features : - customizable font color - customizable background color - customizable font size - custom font - no skin option All properties are accesible via Actionscript or the

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