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  • Open Video Ads 1.1.0 / 1.2.0 RC1

    Developed by LongTail Ad Solutions, creators of JW Player, the framework is focused on serving ads for Flash videos.The framework is available for the Flowplayer, JW Player, AS3 and jQuery (for HTML5). Here are some key features of "Open Video Ads":&

  • Banner - Alpha Transition Slideshow

    Banner - Alpha Transition Slideshow is an automatic slideshow resizable with alpha (transparency) transition : Features:- XML driven (path and short description of image or swf) - Previous and Next Buttons (move mouse to the top of slideshow) - Loop

  • Banner With Transitions

    Banner with Transitions script allows you to create a powerful Flash banner with transitions effects. You can use this banner for sliding images.This file does not use XML. If you want to add a new images you can do it easily. The banner can be rende

  • Xml Picture And Swf Banner Rotator

    XML Picture and SWF Banner Rotator is an easy to use Flash rotator for your content (image, SWF files).Features: - banner rotator/slideshow is controlled by external XML - Unlimited number of pictures and .swf files inside the rotator - All timing fo

  • Xml Easybanner 1.0

    XML EasyBanner is a simple ads rotator made with Flash. The banners are rotated using a slideshow.Key Features: - Add as many images as you want. - Html description - Easy for you to modify.

  • Peel Away Ad 4 Pack

    Peel Away Ad 4 pack contains both the left and the right peelaways in two sizes, Small(500px x 500px) and Large(800px x 800px).Features: - All Images and settings are XML Driven and external to the file - Reflection effect for the small and larg

  • Xml As2 Product Scroller 1.0

    XML AS2 Product Scroller allows you to rotate content by using Flash. From XML code one can set size, scroller speed, text, and colors. The appearance of the scroller can be easily customized. The script is compatible with Flash 8, Flash CS3 (Ac

  • Pageear 1.3b

    Pageear helps you to present peeling ads on your website.Features: - Plays MP3-Files on startup, open and close of Pagepeel.  - Possibility to leave peel open and wait for userklick to close. Close text is editable. - Place it on the left or rig

  • Peel Away Advertisement 1.0

    Peel Away Advertisement is a highly customizable paper peel effect for advertisement presentation that always stays on top right corner even if you resize your browser.Text is xml driven and easy to modify.The script is very easy to install, use

  • Paper Peel Banner Ad 1.0

    Paper Peel Banner Ad is a smooth paper peel banner ad block.Features:- All layers and symbols are properly arranged and named so it is easy to open when require modification. - Easy to change text.All text symbols are in single folder.

  • Xml Banner Rotation System

    XML Banner Rotation System is an easy to use and customize banner rotation system driven by XML. This file allows you to make a slide show of all your affiliate banners. Even making each banner clickable with its own URL. You can also set the display

  • Xml As3 Banner 1.0

    XML AS3 Banner component is a customizable Flash banner rotator.XML AS3 Banner does NOT use Component Inspector, but the file is completely adjustable through XML and CSS files. Movie size, link colors, text color, etc can all be changed through XML

  • Dynamic Xml

    This is dynamic XML banner/slideshow. It is very easy to change the default settings.Features: - this banner/slideshow has a random option - waiting time for a picture - you can add a title to the picture - you can add a description to the pictu

  • Advanced Banner Generator

    The advanced banner generator allows you to offer your web site visitors the latest technology to generate 468x60 banners in realtime. Additionally, our product also scans a user´s computer and lists all available fonts, which ensures even prof

  • Banner Rotator Xml 1.0

    Banner Rotator XML is a highly customizable banner rotator XML driven.Features:- unlimited number of images or swf's through the XML file - the banner's width and height - target URL's for each image - the transitions effects and their order - the ti

  • Isoftplayer

    iSoftPlayer permits you to present google adsense ads in a Flash application. It will maximize your website revenue. With this advanced flash flv video player your google adsense ads are shown directly on the player everytime it is loaded. The player

  • Discount/sale Banner Rotator

    This banner is a simple solution for commercial websites that have any kind of sales, special offers, discounts etc. It reads product info from an XML file. It can run in random mode (displaying products in a random sequence), or in a normal mode (di

  • 4p-rotator 1.0

    4P-Rotator 1.0 is a four panel random Chinese style banner rotator. A quick way to manage the advertisements on your website through XML. 1. You just have to set the advertisements to the described size that is 192 x 96 pixel and save it as JPEG ,GIF

  • Xml Random Banner Rotator 1.0

    This Flash component is a random image or banner rotator that can be used for displaying multiple ads on a single web page, for a random image header, or as a slide show etc.Features:-Displays images in a random order or in an order that you choose -

  • Image Rotators By Andrei 1.1

    Image Rotators by Andrei scripts provides you 5 Flash image rotators. These are great if you want to quickly display your images with some cool transition effects, but don't need a full-fledged gallery system. All images are externally linkable to th

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