Ferroslider v2.1

Standard image slideshows have images arranged in a line.
FerroSlider allows the developer to setup images in various directions and add keyboard navigation controls to reflect their position.
Here are some key features of "FerroSlider":
· Displace contents by line by column or following a custom positioning map (also called "The Matrix");
· Navigate through contents with arrow keys (left, right, up and down);
· Navigate through contents with a fast sliding animation, in horizontal, vertical, diagonal direction or combining them;
· Set fullscreen background to your content, preserving images ratio;
· Load contents using custom scripts via AJAX;
· Encapsulate the sliding contents into a container;
· Create a clickable map of the contents displacement (a sort of little navigation menu);
· Create links to navigate through contents;
· Customize sliding transition, using the jQuery Easing plugin;
· Showing moving direction during animation;
· Mobile support;
· JavaScript enabled on client side
· jQuery 1.6.1 or higher
· jQuery Easing 1.3 or higher
What's New in This Release:
· Fixes IE bugs.

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