Family Connexions

Designed primarily as a contact site for family members, Family Connexions allows the all family to make and keep instant and ongoing contact with each other wherever they might be in the world.
More than that though, it's a place where the  family can chat to each other in real time, send private messages and email, share pictures and files, keep journals or diaries, post in the forums, share the latest family news, view family contact details, profiles and pictures, reminisce and share memories or even schedule their lives.
It provides a way for a full and complete exchange of information between family members.
Here are some key features of "Family Connexions":
· Member profiles
· Both tree and group view of members
· Family anecdotes
· Instant chat
· Members photo galleries
· Family history
· Private messaging
· Members file sharing
· Member full contact details
· Member appointment scheduler
· Member organizer ยท Family story
· Member statistics
· Member file storage
· Member newsletter
· Family event diary
· Member gift lists
· Member recipes
· Member bookmarks
· Member favorites
· Member notes
· Event reminders
· Member diaries
· Member forums

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