Enewsletter Pro v5.0

eNewsletter Pro is email newsletter software and email marketing software for managing and distributing HTML or Text formatted newsletters via email.

This Email marketing software enables opt-in email lists, email newsletters, email announcements, email list hosting, direct email campaigns and bulk email campaigns.

The product supports an unlimited number of mailing lists and newsletters. Each person can subscribe to one or more Newsletter Lists. The system uses a confirmed opt-in method to prevent malicious behavior. eNewsletter Pro tracks full statistics with each email marketing campaign including views, opens, and clicks on each link.
Two editions are available -- eNewsletter Pro Standard and eNewsletter Pro Enterprise. The Enterprise edition supports multiple users for managing separate lists.

The Enterprise Edition also includes advanced features such as bounced address filtering, high-speed delivery, automatic mail client HTML detection, scheduled delivery and more.

These products were developed for Windows servers running the Microsoft .NET framework.

eNewsletter Pro is an in-house software solution that is licensed and installed on your web servers.

Main Features:
- Free installation and free technical support.
- Easy-to-use, intuitive HTML administration interface allows you to administer the product from any location with web access.
- Uses a Confirmed Opt-In verification by email to verify the validity of the user's email address and to prevent people from maliciously subscribing others.
- Supports HTML and TEXT newsletters.
- Automatically creates newsletter signup forms that can be placed on any web site.
- Supports file attachments to HTML email messages.
- Option to export email addresses and other subscriber information to Excel.
- Option to email administrator when a person subscribes and/or un-subscribes.
- Option to add a bulk list of name and email addresses which are separated by a comma, tab, or carriage return.
- Option to remove a bulk list of email addresses.
- Option to personalize your newsletters by including the subscribers name, email and other demographic information that you collect. For example, "Dear John Doe,"
- Ability to measure the effectiveness of an email campaign by tracking views, open rates, and clicks for each individual newsletter campaign. Ability to track views, open rate, and clicks for each individual subscriber. Clicks can also be tracked on each individual link. Follow-up newsletters can be sent to those who clicked on a specific link(s).
- Option to capture demographic parameters from subscribers. Parameters can be included in the newsletters during delivery.
- Includes a subscriber administration interface for members to manage their subscriptions.
- Functionality includes changing subscriptions, contact information, updating email address, and un-subscribing.
- Lists can be public or private. Private lists are not available to subscribers and typically for internal use or private mailings.
- Option to track un-subscribers to prevent re-importing a subscriber who has opted out in the past.
- Subscribers can be filtered against the opt-out list.
- Supports an unlimited number of Newsletter Lists, and Newsletters. Subscribers can belong to any number of Newsletter Lists.
- Subscriber Limit Up to 25,000 Up to 1 Million Up to 100K Up to 1 Million
- Supports several mail components including: CDONTS, Persits ASP Email, ASP Mail, OCX Mail, OCX QMail, J Mail, and Software Artisans Mail. Click here for the full list. Delivery capacity is 5,000-20,000 messages/hour NA Built-In Mail Component Built-In Mail Component
- Built-in HTML editor
- Newsletter delivery via optimized 3rd party message queuing and bounce detection software.
- Supports multiple users with separate accounts allowing you to offer a newsletter service to your customers
- Ability to schedule email campaigns for future delivery (up to 60 days in advance)
- Option to import email addresses and other demographic subscriber information directly from an ODBC compliant database.
- Uses SQL Stored Procedures for optimal performance and security
- Automatically detects if mail clients is HTML compatible (Sends multipart MIME email)
- Option to specify separate Rich Text newsletter for AOL users. Click here for more information on AOL HTML Compatibility.
- Includes option to forward newsletter to a friend.
- Option to target newsletters based on collected demographic data.
- Option to email most recent newsletter or a specific newsletter after a confirmed opt-in.
- Option to specify custom character sets for each Newsletter List.
- List-Specific Opt Outs
- Automated tracking/filtering of bounced email addresses. Addresses can be removed after X number of bounces.
- Option to embed a link in the text version of your newsletter that leads to a page showing the HTML version. The stats are fully tracked for this newsletter. The parameter is called ##HTMLNewsletterURL##
- Attachments for all newsletter types
- Option to import an opt out list from any type of database
· Windows 2000 or 2003 Web Server with Administrator level access
· Microsoft .NET framework 2.0
· SQL Server 2000, 2005, or SQL Server 2005 Express

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