Email Newsletters With Receiver Behavior Tracking

Email Newsletters with Receiver Behavior Tracking script allows you to manage a newsletter system on your website.

Subscription emails are everywhere. Many web sites will allow you to register and receive (if and only if you want) emails regarding your interests.

To the site webmasters these highly targeted campaigns allow for a very efficient marketing tool, especially if they can track receiver behavior.

To do so it’s common to send small extracts of full contents published on your website. Add unique IDs to each link that uniquely identifies both the receiver and that specific message link and register the user interest through a redirection page that will register that the receiver X clicked on link Y and redirect the user to the content he wants.

- HTML and Plain Text Emails;
- Built-In editor supporting formatting commands and Copy / Paste from MS-Word;
- Messages can be personalized with the receiver name and email;

- Unlimited number of file attachments by email message;
- Contacts Editors
- Built-In Contacts and Contact Groups Editor
- Easily connected to external contact databases (needs small extra development)

- Links Editor;
- Operations Log File
- General
- Campaign Specific

- Email Sending Engine
- Unique ID generation for the web links for user tracking;
- Preview Mode (no emails sent, just browser HTML produced)

- Statistics Reporting
- Seven Built In Reports
- New reports can be added (needs additional development) 

- Easily Configurable;
- Simple API allows connection to any user management system for user authentication (not supplied with the application);
· IIS 4.0 (Windows NT 4.0) or IIS 5.0 (Windows 2000)

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