Elite Gaming Ladder v2.0.0

Elite Gaming Ladder is a tournament script suitable for all game types.

General Features
- Ultra Fast Server Friendly Code With a Lightning Fast MySQL Database
- Installs In Minutes
- Suitable For All Game Types (Action, Sports, Card, ect.)
- Javascript Effects To Smooth Everything Out
- Easily Change The Layout With One File
Ladder and Tournament Features
- Unlimited Ladder Capacity (Singles, Team)
- Automated Ranking System
- Challenge Based System
- Strike / Warning System
- Ladder Page Organized By Admin Defined Groups
- Clan Manager With Profile Editor, and War Light
- Members Can Join Current Teams, or Make Their Own
- Clan Profile Page With Full Contact Details (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Co-L AIM, ect.)
- Ladder standings with Crown, Blasts, AIM , Stats, ladder assistant, ect.
- King System (War for Crown)
- Full Tournament System Player or Admin Reported
- Fully Automated Tournament Brackets
Social Networking Features
- Each Members Gets Their Own Mailbox With Team Invites
- Member Profiles With Contact Information, About Me, Comments And More
- Members Can Comment News
Admin Control Panel
- Admin Control Panel / Staff System
- Different Permissions For Each Staff Member
- Referee Ticket Manager
- Ladder and Staff Group Manager
Other Features
- Find a Match System With War Lights Integrated
- Ticket System With Different Priority Levels
- News System Displayed On Front Page
- Full Search System By ID or Name
- Staff Applications (One Per IP)

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