Earth 3d Spinning Globe Planet Sphere Ball Effect

The user can rotate the sphere with his mouse.
FLA source also features some neat animated selection buttons. Here are some key features of "Earth 3D spinning globe planet sphere ball effect":
Includes 10 pre-made pannable(x/y) sphere objects:
· Earth (x)
· Moon (x)
· Mars (x)
· Basket-ball (x+y)
· Base-ball (x+y)
· Soccer-ball (x+y)
· Golf-ball (x+y)
· Tennis-ball (x+y)
· Volley-ball (x+y)
· Eight-ball (x+y)
Adjust settings such as:
· XspinRATE
· YspinRATE
· useMouseCTRL
· mouseRotateRate
· mouseSpinPower
· deAcceleration
· ActionScript 2
· Flash Player 8 or higher

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