Dragonfly Asp Help Desk v3.04

Dragonfly ASP Help Desk is an online based solution for tracking support tickets. In addition, Dragonfly also maintains your knowledge base, tutorials, and reports all built into a sleek user interface which your support team and your clients can enjoy.
The most robust feature of Dragonfly is the ability to charge for support services using PayPal...or not. It's all up to you.


Finance Tools
Your support team can benefit from hard work by charging for priority service. Dragonfly connects with PayPal and posts back immediatley after payments and allows your client to open a priority support ticket.

Reporting Tools
Keep accurate statistics of your open, closed, hold, and unassigned calls. 10 different reports including bar charts give you a decisive look at your team performance.

Time Offset
Improved! No need to get confused about what time that support ticket was submitted. All time is YOUR time! Global time adjustment has been implemented for admin and client interfaces.

Admin Tools
Administrative functions include database compact and repair, Advanced SQL Queries, Update Database, and more. All located in one convenient menu for easy access.

ASP Email Improved
No longer requiring CDONTS, Dragonfly uses ASP Email (http://www.aspemail.com) to send announcements, ticket notifications, ticket responses, and new priority support order emails. Messages are sent individually so your privacy and your clients privacy are assured. In Version 3 you can edit your email templates as well using an Admin Account.

Advanced Ticket Routing Feature
Put your help desk on "auto-pilot" and allow tickets to be distributed sequentially to your staff members or departments.

Send announcements to staff or clients or both or neither. Display the in the same respect. Now with a WYSIWYG editor for spectacular newletters or announcements!

Knowledge Base
Maintain knowledge base which can be built by entering questions and aswers directly or by using a help desk ticket or response as a subject.

Client and Staff Management
Manage clients and staff with ease. Know exactly who is online and their last login time and date.

Skinned Like a Chameleon
Dragonfly gives you the opportunity to specify which skins your client can use and whther or not they can change their skin while browsing. New XP Style Skins give your support site an extra professional design. Requirements:
· ASPEmail
· Microsoft IIS Server, ASP capable with Internet Access

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