Doc-to-net v6.0

Send documents over the Internet without downloading a plug-in! SkyLine Tools Imaging's Doc-to-Net is a turnkey solution for companies who wish to share documents over the Internet by transforming TIFF files to a browser compliant format.

This innovative CGI application transforms a scanned TIFF image to a PNG, GIF or JPEG, anti-aliases it "on the fly" and streams it through the browser, allowing the end-user to view the document without downloading any plug-ins. Added to this great application are the valuable zoom, pan and scroll features, plus rotating and inverting controls. Doc-to-Net offers scaling (resizing) and has been carefully engineered to perform with breathtaking speed.

- A new COM object for ASP pages, which will return the number of pages in a multi-page TIFF file.
- The ability to recognize and return sizes of varied size pages within a multi-page TIFF file.
- Less DLLs are required.
- Specifying the size of an image.
- UNC path name feature, allowing files on different computers within a system to be accessed by the same server.
- Password protection.

The anti-aliasing feature in Doc-to-Net is truly the most impressive in today's market. This process fills in broken text and/or missing pixels improving the legibility of the document. A demonstration of this impressive effect is available on SkyLine Tools Imaging's web site

For photographic images, Doc-to-Net supports BMP, PCX, TGA, and presents them as JPEG, PNG or GIF files. Image correction tools offered for documents are also provided for images, plus more.

The Doc-to-Net software is Windows based and is recommended for use with Microsoft Windows NT and Internet Information Server (IIS). The true magic of Doc-to-Net resides in the amazing fact that end-users do not need to have any special software other than a web browser in order to view documents with the ImageLib Doc-to-Net system. And what's really wonderful about it is that now any image can be transformed to a JPEG or a PNG, avoiding GIF royalties.

Developers who wish to utilize Doc-to-Net as a part of an independent programming application can leverage it as a resourceful add-on to SkyLine Tools' Corporate Suite. This award-winning Suite will scan in documents and save them as anti-aliased TIFFs images.

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