Devgrid v5.0

This control harnesses the power of the browser and takes it to a level never achieved before. It automates all your web application development with the ease of use that comes with using JavaScript Application Framework.Modeled as an IE Behavior, it has a rich API consisting of more than 150 properties, methods and events. DevGrid introduces a number of unique new concepts that when understood will make Web Development a breeze.
Some of the main features of DevGrid are : - Client Side Code: Implemented as an Internet Explorer Behavior(IE5 ) , the control takes the load off your server by doing all calculations on the client side. Just specify the data and look and feel and you have the grid running.
- MVC Architecture: Built on the Model-View-Controller architecture, DevGrid draws from the experiences of well-known Controls in Industry like Java™ Swing classes. Also separating the Model from the View and Controller makes it possible for a very clean design with different people with different expertise working on the front end and back end. This makes development faster and bug free.
- Custom Data Model: DevGrid comes with one pre-built data model so that binding to databases is no problem. Connect through any data source and get the data in the format you want. If you want to extend the data model, make your own data model with a few lines and integrate it with the grid.
- XML Driven View: DevGrid allows all control of the views, columns, their layout and other things from an XML Schema. You can customize an individual style to a row, column or row all through an XML file. All this gives you unlimited power at a central and easy to use place.
- Advanced Design-Time Support: DevGrid provides advanced design time properties  that allow you to control every aspect of the DevGrid without having to write a single line of code. Specify if columns or rows are resizable, selectable, editable or disable by  specifying the property in the Schema file. So making your grid look and work the way you want is a piece of cake.
- Multi Control Types : DevGrid supports all control/display types that you may require and then some. You can use dropdown, textbox, text areas, images, links and more for in-cell editing. Also support for compound cells makes it capable of handling any kind of data.
- Nested Grid Support: DevGrid supports grids inside grids so you can show any kind of hierarchical data. With same or different data models running the grids, you can have as much interdependence and independence as you want.
- View-Styles: DevGrid ships with 6 pre-defined styles – normal, selected, edited, modified, disable and focus. So you can add styles with no line of code, along with give custom styles to special rows and cells.
- Runtime Customization: You can control virtually everything in the grid by its rich API. Respond to user events, errors and special items by using the methods and events, providing a complete experience to the end user.
- Scroll tracking and Scroll Tips: With an inbuilt scroller, DevGrid allows you to control both vertical and horizontal scrollbar, specify its width and style and move it anywhere you like. You can get all information about scroller from the events being fired and react with the scroller methods exposed. You can also make scroll tips to provide an informational pop-up during scrolling. The styles on scroll bar is also controlled through XML and DevGrid comes with many custom built styles of scroller.
- Insert/Delete Rows: You can insert and delete rows at runtime. You can also specify what is the default data when a new row is inserted. All of your customers who need fast data entry will love it.
- Extended Multi-Select and Navigation Support: You can do all kinds of selection using CTRL, SHIFT and HOME Keys along with arrow keys. Excel users will find themselves completely at home here.
- Frozen Columns: DevGrid supports fixed, non-scrollable columns. Appearance of the frozen columns can be easily controlled with the schema file.
- Excellent Documentation: DevGrid includes an extensive manual and online help, with tutorials and samples explaining all aspects of the grid.

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