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  • Tsupersublabel 1.2.0

    TSuperSubLabel is a VCL component for Delphi similar to TLabel with superscript and subscript capability. You can use this component as TLabel with in addition superscript and subscript capabilities. The script is very easy to install, use and custom

  • Phpeditoride

    phpEditorIDE is an advanced tool for creating web pages in PHP, HTML, CSS, JScript and VBScript. It includes FTP and MySQL clients and other add-ons.

  • Notes Editor

    Notes is a programmer text editor for linux and windows. You can use Notes to edit HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java, JSP, PHP, Perl, ASP, C, C , Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Assembly, etc.

  • Jase 0.7

    Jase is an open source multi purpose text based editor running on all flavors of windows. It is aimed to offer suitable and quick assists for webworkers - without slowing down it's user productivity with an overboarding waste of nonsense features. Ja

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