• Narrator

     Delphi code for a very nice program like the Microsoft Windows Narrator that reads any texts.  Requirements:· Delphi 6/7

  • Hanoi Problem Solver

     Delphi code for a program that can solve the popular problem called Hanoi.  Requirements:· Delphi 4/5/6/7

  • Balloon Tooltip

     Delphi code for a balloon tooltips generating program.Balloon Tool Tips are messages used in notification areas.  Requirements:· Delphi 6/7

  • Linear Equations

    This nice program can solve and draw linear equations like this one: "ax^3 bx^2 cx d". All you need to do is to enter a,b,c and d values.  Requirements:· Delphi 5/6/7

  • Swf To Exe Converter

     A very nice program that can convert ".swf" file format to ".exe".  Requirements:· Delphi 6/7

  • Advanced System Information

    A program that provides comprehensive information on your computer.It can list CPU - HDD - RAM - Windows - Network etc.  Requirements:· Delphi 7

  • Magmap 3.0

    MagMap is a computer magnetic map program. It was designed for companies that need to keep track of the locations of large equipment inventories throughout a country or region. MagMap can also be used as an information board of any kind.

  • Delphi Flash-style Layers Panel 0.1

    Delphi Flash-style Layers panel is a Macromedia Flash style Layers menu VCL component for Delphi.

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