Do you want to boost your revenues by selling ad space on your web site? Need to rotate and manage your online advertising ? allinasp.NET AdServe is your solution.
allinasp.NET AdServe is a robust, flexible ASP.NET & SQL Server ad management and tracking solution.
Dedicated to helping you win and retain advertising accounts, allinasp.NET AdServe assures complete return on investment with the first advertising deals you secure.
Webmasters will immediatly appreciate the intuitive easy to use administration interface, providing all the tools necessary to create and maintain advertisers, banners, zones, farms and offer detailed campaign performance reports.
Place banners onto your pages by adding the AdServe server control where the banner should appear. Visually set all the properties for the control within the Visual Studio.NET properties window, allowing you to specify the zone or farm, to display.
With a rugged architecture capable of handling the most demanding campaigns and a friendly, easy to use interface, allinasp.NET AdServe is truly the only solution for un-burstable ad management and tracking. Proven to serve more than 8 million ad impressions per day.
Let your advertisers cut to the heart of their campaign results at their convenience �all with no time, effort or trouble to you.

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