Dbfacephp For Mysql v1.9.2

It is done through an easy to use GUI, so the user won't need to know PHP or SQL. Here are some key features of "DbFacePHP for Mysql":
General Features:
· Installation wizard
· Table data editor
· Database structure editor
· Searching application
· Operation application
· Charting application
· SQL scripts editor
· Form builder
· Query builder
· DML builder
· Connection management
· Security administration module
Pro version extra features:
· Lifetime Free email support
· One-Year Free Updates
What's New in This Release:
· Added Planning tools

  • Developer: tmWorks Dev Team
  • Website: http://www.dbfacephp.com
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Free TrialCommercial License ($99.00) BUY the full version
  • Language: Php
  • Download: Click Here to Download

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