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  • Label.css 0.1.1

    Just include Label.css with any of your projects, add the caption text as a data-label attribute to the page element you want it to show on, and add the positioning rules as classes to that element.The positioning rules are instructions on where to s

  • Tempo

    Developed for BASSCSS Tempo can also work as a standalone tool, allowing developers to use it to add a base on which to build a responsive website on. Besides the classic grid display, Tempo includes support for a table grid with vertically centered

  • Loading...

    The "Loading..." package can be used on any page, providing a visual feedback for users still waiting for "stuff to get done" on the page.The loading indicators it uses are not only vector-based, but thanks to SVG, they can also be displayed in any c

  • Progre(c)ss 1.2.0

    The progress bars are very easy to deploy. Just add some preset classes to the HTML elements that need to display a progress bar.Developers can control various progress bar settings, like colors, width, height, opacity, border radius, animation type,

  • (cs)spinner

    Animated entirely via CSS 3 and using a little bit of JavaScript to add and remove the spinner from the page, (cs)spinner is a modern day solution for the classic Flash-based preloaders that were at point used with all website templates.With over 15+

  • Buttonplate 1.0.0

    Buttonplate was developed so developers can easily embed it with their projects and have a fully-working, diverse button style collection to choose from when creating an app's or website's UI.Coded in SCSS (SASS) and also available in CSS, Buttonplat

  • Css3 Patterned Buttons

    To use the "CSS3 patterned buttons", you have to know how to add a class to a HTML element. And since that's one of the first things you learn in HTML and CSS training courses this means anyone can use this free button collection.By default, the CSS3

  • Simple Responsive Grid

    The difference between the Simple Responsive Grid and other grid systems is that it uses some extra JavaScript on top of the standard CSS.Using Ben Alman's jQuery throttle / debounce plugin, Simple Responsive Grid will execute only once on the page (

  • Simptip 1.0.2

    For the actual Simptip source code SCSS (former SASS) is used (which gets compiled to standards compliant CSS code).The Simptip library is a very basic tooltip system, which actually supports some cool features.Developers can customize tooltip positi

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