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  • Cute Grids 1.0

    Cute Grids is ideal for usage on both mobile and desktop environments, powering pages that render the same on all devices.There won't be the need to create different layouts for desktop, tablets, or smartphones, Cute Grids managing the page layout fr

  • Almost Flat Ui

    Flat design is currently one of the hottest design trends around, heavily inspired by the Windows Metro (now known as Modern) design language.While everyone expects interest to die down as time goes by, you currently can't find a job in Web design th

  • Baregrid 1.0.1

    BareGrid uses percentages to define column sizes, and by doing this making sure content resizes along with the available screen size.The grid is based on a basic 12-column layout, but content can be spanned across multiple columns, and pushed or pull

  • Blankplate 1.3.2

    BlankPlate can be used when needing to start a new Web project, but using a full-on frontend UI like Bootstrap, InK, or Bootflat is a little bit too much. BlankPlate is organized in a well-thought off structure and made up of a basic CSS reset, a bas

  • Layers Css 1.0.6

    You could call Layers CSS a CSS framework, but the most appropriate term would be "project boilerplate", or "starter kit".It does not come packed with UI widgets and components like most CSS frameworks, but merely ships basic CSS code on which you ca

  • Ribs 1.0.12

    Ribs is an evolution of the famous Skeleton mobile-first CSS framework, a tool loved by most designers, but which has become inactive for quite some time now.Ribs adds support for newer development techniques and coding patterns, allowing programmers

  • Kickoff 3.4.2

    Kickoff fits right in with today's trend of using UI frameworks for developing your websites.Kickoff was written to cut down development time, by providing lots of helpers and mixins for building basic page layouts and page components.The framework a

  • RÖcssti 2.5.3

    RÖCSSTI is inspired by the KNACSS CSS frameworks and comes coded in CSS, SASS, and LESS. RÖCSSTI comes with its own grid system and everything else is organized using a modular structure, so it can be easily removed when not needed in a pro

  • Cascade Framework Light 1.1

    The Cascade Framework is a well-designed CSS framework for quickly prototyping and deploying frontend user interfaces with many built-in components and styles.The Cascade Framework Light version is just Cascade's CSS normalization tool, along with al

  • Flexbox Grid 3.0.1

    The CSS Flexible Box Layout Module is an unofficial, still under development W3C specification created to support responsive layouts natively.With this new specification, developers will be able to build responsive layouts without the help of complex

  • Basscss 2

    The purpose of BASSCSS is to provide a lighter core when it comes to CSS frameworks.Most frontend UI toolkits these days are growing at exponential rates, becomes real behemoths, bulking up more and more with each new release.Using Bootstrap, InK, or

  • Sculpt 1.0

    Most CSS frameworks work from the top down, loading lots of code for desktop devices, which gets trimmed down for small screen devices.This method is considered a bad practice, especially if knowing that most of your traffic comes from mobile devices

  • Grid 1.0.0

    Adam Kaplan's Grid is a lightweight grid system created to allow developers to code page templates that render properly on all kind of devices, regardless of their screen size.While in the ancient days of the Internet only desktops were used to brows

  • Zen Grids 1.4 / 2.0.0-beta.2

    Taking full of advantage of what SASS brings over to Web development, Zen Grids allows developers more control over how their page layouts look and behave.Zen Grids provides a rich set of SASS mixins that will help developers built their own custom g

  • Blueplate 1.0.0

    Blueplate is a standard package for the Webplate UI framework, but it can also be used as a stand-alone component as well. Blueplate is responsible for Webplate's responsive support, allowing developers to build page layouts that shuffle around based

  • Webplate

    Webplate is a UI framework written with technologies like SASS, CSS and JS, providing a powerful, modern, and very beautiful starter kit that can be used by developers in prototyping websites and mobile Web apps.The framework comes packed with lots o

  • Metro-bootstrap

    Bootstrap is the World's most used UI framework. Flat design is currently one of the trendiest styles in Web development. The Windows Metro visual design language has managed to become one of Microsoft's few successes in recent years.Combining all un

  • Bootstrap For Sass

    Bootstrap is an innovative, top of the line frontend framework for building highly customizable, dynamic and professional user interfaces.The original Bootstrap version was coded in Less and compiled to standards compliant CSS code.Since there are qu

  • Mvcss 3.0.3

    Heavily inspired by OOCSS, MVCSS provides another way of writing "object-oriented" CSS. MVCSS is more of a true CSS framework than a frontend UI starter kit, providing a collection of methods, functions and recommendations on how to write efficient S

  • Cardinal 2.3.2

    Based around HTML5 Boilerplate and normalize.css, Cardinal sets up a powerful and versatile core on which desktop and mobile applications and websites can be built.Cardinal is a "mobile-first" framework, meaning it first deals with proper display iss

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