• Google Plus Ipad App Timeline Rebuild With Css3

    Created as an experiment, the "Google Plus iPad App timeline rebuild with CSS3" script provides an insight on how CSS 3 should be used on Web pages.It can also be used as a template for more CSS 3 apps, using the standard's features at full. Requirem

  • Scalable Css Playing Cards 0.0.1

    For browser game developers, using image-based card decks may not be the best solution.This CSS-based option is can be rendered entirely on the client side without any server-side resources, making it ideal for load heavy servers. Here are some key f

  • Modern Block Quote Styles

    The collection provided by the Tympanus (Codrops) team can be used every time a nice blockquote style is needed to present testimonials or quotes.Just select the one that appeals to you and use it in your project.6 styles are included by default, but

  • Timed Notifications

    Besides showing a custom notification message, it will also show a CSS 3 powered timer.When the timer is full, the notification will disappear soon after.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Pure Css Arrow With Border

    No JavaScript is used in creating the tooltip, only CSS 3.A working tooltip is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Css Dock 2.0

    Inspired from Mac's OS X dock utility. Supports labels, animations, reflections and indicators. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Numbers.css 1.1

    The stylesheet adds some style enhancements and CSS3 animations to the Google Analytics dashboard report, making it more easy to interact and comprehend.Installation: Get a browser add-on that allows the user to add his own CSS stylesheets for certai

  • Diagnostic Css

    For example, if you have a link where you forgot to add a URL value to the href attribute, the validator won't complain. The syntax is valid, even if it's a broken experience. Similarly, the validator will be happy to let through empty class and id v

  • Css Bubble Tooltips

    CSS Bubble Tooltips alllows you to avoid cross-browser javascript to make tooltips with less code. The code is very easy to implement and customize.The scripts are compatible with all modern web browsers.

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