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  • Navigataur

    Navigataur can be used in displaying one-level menu systems on the Web, without any help from JavaScript at all.Navigataur also comes with support for responsive layouts, hiding itself under a menu marker/icon whenever a width breakpoint is passed.If

  • Top Bar

    Except for some styling options, Top Bar does not heavily use CSS 3, and can work via CSS 2.1 as well.No JS scripts are used to create Top Bar. At all.A demo is included with the download package.

  • Buttons

    The "Buttons" script is a collection of various interface button styles.The buttons are written in SASS & Compass and compiled to normal CSS. Here are some key features of "Buttons":Styles:· Flat· Icon· Rounded· Glow· Pill

  • Css3pageslider

    css3pageslider uses CSS 3 transitions to navigate to new website pages.css3pageslider does not actually load new HTML documents, but merely transitions new page sections into view.The script is only useable on one-page websites, where "the pages" are

  • Automatic Sub Menu Counters With Css

    The "Automatic sub menu counters with CSS" script uses CSS counter styles to count menu sub-items.It then takes this value and appends it to the main menu item as a counter for its nested levels.A demo accordion menu is included with the download pac

  • Lightweight Social Buttons

    The "Lightweight social buttons" collection comes with 6 buttons in 2 skins for embedding social sharing controls on a website.New themes or buttons can be added using the already existing template, for expanding the script with new services.The scri

  • Social Share Buttons

    The Social Share Buttons set  allows developers to build nice looking CSS 3 buttons for sharing purposes.They come complete with a counter section for showcasing share statistics (if needed).For now only Twitter, Facebook and Google+ button styl

  • Social Sharing 1.0

    Social Sharing can be used to add a specific design to social sharing links or buttons.It works with HTML anchors (links) and button elements.Besides the default set, new social networks can be added with ease on the provided template. Here are some

  • Css-toggle

    css-toggle reproduces the famous UI toggle button via CSS 3 transitions only.Putting more than one toggle element near each other will produce a nifty looking pure CSS3 accordion widget.A short demo to get developers going is included with the downlo

  • Discreet Twitter Ui

    The 'Discreet Twitter UI' package contains 5 themes for embedding Twitter buttons with style.All effects are CSS3-based and no JavaScript has been used.Replacing the Twitter button with any other social sharing button or even with any other kind of H

  • Standard_buttons

    standard_buttons does not focus on a multitude of button themes and colorful skins, but focuses on portability, adding support for rendering buttons the same way across a multitude of browsers.It also includes support for rendering the same button st

  • Beautons 0.4

    Beautons will allow developers to quickly put together button elements.It's not a fully blown CSS framework, but only a simple CSS stylesheet containing multiple style classes for prototyped button sets.Adding new styles or altering the ones included

  • Button Essentials 1.0

    Button Essentials consists of 500 button styles, packed as a collection of 100 styles (5 buttons each).All 500 button styles are unique from one another. No duplicates.The entire collection is based on Adobe Kuller's Top 100 All-time most popular col

  • Css3 Microsoft Modern Buttons 1.2

    Perfect for creating Web-based apps that look like the new Windows 8 Modern (formerly known as Metro) UIBuilt to work out of the box with Twitter's Bootstrap framework.LESS and SASS versions are also supported. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled

  • Css3 Pictogram Button

    A pictogram is a small icon shown in front of the button text, as a visual indicator for the button's function or purpose.The package contains 3 button sets with different design styles.Also available in 6 colors with 43 pictograms per color. Here ar

  • Delayed Css Drop-down

    Hovering the menu will show its sub-options, but with a certain delay, as a built-in CSS 3 hoverIntent mechanism.This means the menu will stay a little bit more visible after the user has hovered his mouse out, just to make sure the user has not hove

  • Zoommenu

    Normally, the menu will be shown in a small minimized state.It will only expand with a zoom-like effect only when the user hover his mouse over it, showing a more detailed look over its options.Of course, a working demo is included with the download

  • Responsive Content Navigator

    The user can navigate categories and sub-categories, choosing objects to view.The widgets are powered via CSS3 transitions and via :target pseudo-class selectors.Various demos are included with the download package. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled

  • Zocial

    Comes in two versions, one for icon buttons, one for text buttons.The buttons are very easy to create and embed.Instructions and samples being provided with the package download package. Here are some key features of "Zocial":· Editable button t

  • Keys.css v1.1

    Renders beautifully on light or dark backgrounds. The classes can be applied to spans, buttons, link tags, etc.. Here are some key features of "KEYS.css":· Super-easy to use.· Compatible with all modern browsers, degrades gracefully in olde

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