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  • Image Caption Hover Animation

    The Image Caption Hover Animation pack contains four hover effects for animating captions over a photo.The effects are 100% written in CSS 3 and don't require any type of JS script to work.They can be loaded individually, or even all at once on the s

  • Snapshot 1.0

    The 'Snapshot' stylesheet provides four basic ways of styling HTML images:- Rounded- Circle- Bordered- PolaroidThe code has been extracted from Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework so it can be used on its own. What's New in This Release: · Renamed

  • Circle Hover Effects

    The collection contains 7 hover effects.The effects have been specially tailored for round, circle elements.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • 3d Thumbnail Hover Effects

    The package contains 4 unique hover effects to be used with photos or their thumbnails.They work by revealing hidden content under the image whenever the user overs his mouse over it.All animations are rendered via CSS 3 transitions and have a nice 3

  • Image Accordion With Css3

    It uses CSS 3 code and nested images to create a nice looking image accordion.For every image, a caption can be added.The accordion is very easy to customize and adapt to any project, style and web page.A demo is included with the download package. R

  • Pure Css Image Gallery

    It is written in CSS 2.1, and not CSS 3.Can be used in creating minimalistic image galleries.By default no extra CSS decorates the gallery, so it can be easily integrated with any web page.On the top a list of available images are shown in thumbnail

  • Annotation Overlay Effect

    Works by overlaying simple tooltips over an image whenever the visitors clicks on it.To disable to tooltip overlays, he must click again on it.This script is perfect for product previews, showcases, portfolios, and any other use case for highlighting

  • Fast Hover Slideshow

    The component works as a hover effect.When the user hover the mouse over a page section, a collection of images is flashed one at a time in the background.It's just like a slideshow, but with very fast transition times, which work only when hovering

  • Fluid Css3 Slideshow With Parallax Effect

    A parallax slideshow changes images and the slider background at different speeds, giving a 3D perspective effect.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect":· Responsiv

  • 3d Photo Rollover Effect

    Even comes with support for animating a small caption on top of it.The effect consists of taking the image and tilting it slightly when the user hovers his mouse over it. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Targetgallery

    Powered by CSS 3 transitions and the :target selector.A small demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Ken Burns Effect In Css

    All is done using CSS 3 transforms. A demo is included with the download package to get developers started on their own project. Requirements:· CSS 3 enbaled on client side

  • Sliding Image Panels

    The gallery is unique, because it's split in 4 panels. When transitioning to the next image, the image's parts are loaded in their own panel.Captions (title and description) are supported for each panel.A demo is included with the download package, t

  • Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow

    Easy to configure, allows modern image sliders to be built only with CSS3. The effects seen would previously have required jQuery or other JS scripting to be used.Supports various transitions, image rotation and captions. Requirements:· CSS3 ena

  • Css3 Horizontal Accordion 1.0

    Supports images, HTML content and even Flash videos. It is perfect for creating sections where to feature and showcase content on a website.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "CSS3 Horizontal Accordion":·

  • Pure Css3 Content Slider 1.0

    It does not use an JavaScript code, and can rotate images and iframe content the same. Supports adding captions on top of images, pausing on mouse hover and showing a progress bar for the time an image is visible inside the slider.A working demo is i

  • Thumbnail Hover State Overlay

    At mouse hover, an image can be faded and a small caption can be shown on top of it. The caption's text is added via a CSS "content" property.The caption's design was inspired from one of Orman Clark's works.

  • Slick Css3 Animated Image Caption

    The image title can be custom positions and animated. The animation effect is also CSS3-based, via CSS3 Transitions. Requirements:· CSS3 enabled browser

  • Css3 Jewelcase

    It showcases images as CD/DVD cases.All graphics are renderd with CSS3 code. Of course, the images must be pulled from somewhere else. Here are some key features of "CSS3 Jewelcase":· Coverart Glow· Coverart Holders· Title and Artist&#

  • Animated Css3 Helix

    The helix effect breaks the image in small slices and rotates them one by one to show the next image, hidden on its back side.The helix is very configurable, allowing the user to set the number of rowsand how to position the image inside them. Requir

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