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  • Css Only Custom Checkboxes

    CSS Only Custom Checkboxes allows developers to style checkboxes via a simple to implement CSS hack.This means it relies only on HTML and CSS, without having to load a special JavaScript or jQuery file just to handle the form masking and customizatio

  • Simple Css3 Dropdown Menu

    As it name implies, the "Simple CSS3 DropDown Menu" script can display drop-down menus via CSS 3 syntax only.The script is recommended for developers that can't find their way around JavaScript or jQuery and need to add custom styles to drop-down fie

  • Animated List View

    The 'Animated List View' CSS 3 script allows users to easily switch between layout formats.It works around HTML lists, changing their arrangements based on pre-defined CSS 3 rules, written using the CSS 3 general sibling combinator selector ( ~ ).An

  • Flat Forms 0.1.0

    Flat forms uses a Bootstrap-like UI to provide a collection of CSS styles for designing online forms.A LESS version of Flat forms is also available.A demo form is included with the download.

  • Spinners 1.0

    Spinners spares developers from looking for cool animated GIFs on the Internet or create one themselves to use as a spinner control or preloader graphic.Spinners takes a normal image and rotates it around its axis in a looped 360 degree angle.This me

  • Hint.css 1.2.1

    Written actually in SASS and compiled back to CSS, the library uses minimal JavaScript and lots of HTML and CSS to render the tooltips without the aid of any images.A demo page is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "HIN

  • Mobilecheckbox 0.1.0-pre

    Mobilecheckbox is actually a masked checkbox, with custom graphics overlayed on top.It can be used for building custom styled on/off toggle buttons.Even if specifically built for mobile environments, this little hack can also be used for desktop brow

  • Two Columns Forms

    Labels and form fields will be shown on two adjacent columns, with the label and the form right next to it, on its right.This replaces the default view of showing the label and its respective form field right under it.Besides this placement adjustmen

  • Ui Kit

    Coded entirely in CSS, provides out of the box elements that can be used for creating front-end widgets.The package contains these UI elements: drop-down menu, drag slider, form input fields, search box, menu bar, button elements, vertical menu, cust

  • Animated Content Tabs With Css3

    Comes in working vertical and horizontal layouts.Demos for both versions are included with the download package.Under the hood, the widget uses CSS 3 transitions, animations and radio buttons with the :checked pseudo-class. Requirements:· JavaSc

  • Pines Form 3.1

    Pines Form uses no JavaScript, and zero CSS hacks.It's 100% documented, standard CSS styles.Pines Form allows the developer to quickly put together CSS classes and output a nice, standards compliant web form. Here are some key features of "Pines Form

  • Pure Css Tooltips

    Uses a custom HTML5 data- attribute (data-tooltip) and :before and :after generated content to turn any element into a popup tooltip.Any text placed inside the data-tooltip attribute will appear inside the tooltip balloon. Being pure CSS (no images o

  • Filter Functionality

    The filtering action is powered by CSS 3 transition animations. The filters, semantically are radio buttons.Various demos are included with the download package. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Css3 Search Box 1.0

    If the button is larger than the text field, add "height: 25px;" in the CSS file under "#box .field button" and "#box .field button:active"Just copy the HTML and CSS3 code, replacing the old search box with this one. Requirements:· CSS3 enabled

  • Input Fields With Images

    Links can be attached to the image, so a simple icon can be transformed into a button with various functionality

  • Colored Scroll Bars

    Colored scroll bars are used frequently to match the color scheme of a website. The color can be set to whatever suits your webpage. This script can be easily customize to suit your needs.

  • Curly Corner Container 3.8

    There are countless techniques on the web for adding curly/ round corners to DIV containers. This script shows one way to add a curly lower right corner to any DIV on your page. It does so by using relative positioning to slightly offset a DIV to the

  • Css Drop Shadows 3.8

    This script shows how to add a drop shadow to any container element using only CSS (no images). It does this by wrapping the desired content in a DIV with its background color set to the desired shadow color. The content itself is relatively pos

  • Arrow Comment Box 3.7

    Using a simple "arrow" image, this CSS code transforms a regular DIV into a fancy box with sub text appearing beneath it. It's a nice interface to use for your blog's comment boxes, for example. The code is compatible with all modern web browsers and

  • Css Gradient Shadow

    This script shows a CSS and JavaScript technique that lets you add a shadow to most elements on your page with a customizable shadow depth and coloring. Just give the element in question a class name of "shadow" to activate the effect. The scrip

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