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  • Pesticide 0.3.0

    Everyone of us has done it before. Every time we had a problem with our CSS, we added a 1 pixel red border to two or more elements just to get a sense of what's going on and where the problem is lying.While this very useful, it's also very annoying s

  • Kalei - Style Guide

    The Kalei - Style guide app can be linked to a live website's CSS stylesheets and it will automatically extract CSS comments and the code itself, assembling it into a nice documentation site.The comments will serve as explanation and usage instructio

  • Semantic Ui 0.0.2

    Semantic UI not only focused on providing a wealth of UI widgets, but also focuses on the way these components are written, allowing anyone to know what the code does just by looking at it.By doing this, Semantic-powered UIs are not only easy to writ

  • Csans 1.2.2

    cSans includes all the tools needed for a modern CSS framework, including a CSS reset, minimal styles and cross-browser support (or at least for those who support CSS 3 and HTML 5).A sample page is included with cSans, showcasing all its default styl

  • Cascade Framework 1.0

    Cascade Framework helps programmers working on a small, medium or even large website projects quickly assemble a base style for its project.Even if the Cascade Framework provides a very usable interface, it was created to be a starting point on which

  • Less Hat 1.1.1

    LESS is a CSS subset, a new, more improve syntax for writing and maintaining CSS code. LESS Hat not only ports some of the common coding techniques to LESS mixins, but adds support for some CSS 3 elements, still unsupported by the official LESS compi

  • Minimal Css Reset File

    Inspired by Eric Meyer's famous Reset CSS script, "Minimal CSS Reset File" works in the same way, but from a smaller code base.Includes resets for typography elements mainly (paragraphs, headings, code blocks, lists, tables, images).

  • Flatstrap 0.3

    Flatstrap is exactly like Bootstrap, but with flat colors (no gradients) and no rounded corners.All Bootstrap widgets and components are included, but with a different, flatter skin.Flatstrap is just an alternative to Bootstrap, but for designers tha

  • Bartender

    Bartender is only a CSS stylesheet, not a full jQuery plugin.It's just for styling the bar appearing at the bottom of an app, just like iOS tab bars.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Bartender":· Full j

  • Yue.css

    yue.css is not a complete CSS framework.It only includes the style rules necessary to format text-based content on a website.This includes paragraphs, lists, tables, code blocks, blockquotes, headers and links.

  • Pure 0.1.0

    Pure is a collection of CSS and JS modules for powering frontend interface components.It can be used to quickly deploy UI components for current apps without spending time dabbling around in HTML, CSS and browser quirks. Here are some key features of

  • Dookie 0.1.1

    Stylus is a minimalistic markup language that compiles into CSS code.Stylus is a faster, leaner and easier way of writing maintainable CSS code.Dookie is like a CSS framework, but for Stylus, racking together useful, common Web design techniques and

  • Sass Responsive

    Sass Responsive is nothing more than a series of SASS formulas, mixins and variables that when used with SASS-powered projects will automatically add all the support needed for a responsive layout.Each of the included formulas, variables and mixins a

  • Resetize.css 1.2

    This framework is practically a CSS reset tool, a tool to force browsers render all elements the same way.Resetize.css is a mix between Reset CSS and normalize.css, two well-known CSS reset stylesheets.

  • Origami 1.0

    Origami is a CSS framework mainly composed of a powerful, responsive grid system.It revolves around a 6-column system, but which can easily be adapted to higher values if needed.Origami can be used as a basic template for developing grid-based page l

  • Tables 1.0

    The 'Tables' stylesheet provides three basic ways of styling HTML tables:- basic- condensed- borderedThe code has been extracted from Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework so it can be used on its own. What's New in This Release: · Renamed example.h

  • Kraken 3/19/2013

    Kraken was developed to help developers create Web pages that look great on mobile devices, but still look acceptable on desktop devices as well.This framework will greatly reduce development time by eliminating the hours needed at the start of each

  • Markup Framework 1.0

    The Markup Framework UI toolkit can be used for quickly assembling page templates together and deploying them to live websites in no-time.The framework will greatly reduce development time by eliminating the hours needed at the start of each project

  • Logic Css 20071004

    Logic CSS can be used in quickly putting together the CSS and HTML code needed to power up a Web page.It saves the developer time needed to write redundant and repetitive code by provided ready-to-use classes and HTML snippets. Here are some key feat

  • Flat Ui Pro

    Expanding on the default Flat UI free package, Flat UI Pro provides access to more widgets and the package's Photoshop PSD source files, a must for designers wanting to add or modify basic styles and UI elements. Just as the free version, Flat UI Pro

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