Cryptool v1.1

Security is not valued at its proper level of importance in Web apps and websites these days. Even with Anonymous' ravaging websites left and right, most developers still don't implement basic protection measures with their code.
This is mainly due to a high level of complexity such an operation would require and basically because most security libraries focus on one thing at a time.
The Cryptool package manages to put together a pretty good list of basic secure data encoding algorithms to help developers with these basic tasks.
Supported algorithms are:
- Base32
- Base64
- Bin2hex
- CRC32
- Crypt
- Hex2decimal
- Mcrypt
- MD5
- Reverse
- Rot13
- SHA1
- Shuffle
- Text2ASCII
- Text2ASCIIhex
- Text2ASCIIoct
- URLencode What's New in This Release:

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