Crawlprotect v3.2.5b

CrawlProtect is just like a desktop firewall or antivirus software, only it works for your website instead.
CrawlProtect will help webmasters perform basic steps and operations into securing their site against hackers and various type of malicious attacks.
The system can protect a site against these types of attacks:
- Code injection
- SQL injection
- Badbots
- Website copiers
- Shell command execution
This is done by installing CrawlProtect and then running the built-in checkers and improvement operations. These will help the webmaster secure his site by modifying file&folder permissions to a more secure level and also in creating a much more secure .htaccess file.
CrawlProtect can be used for one or multiple websites at the same time, local or on remote servers.
CrawlProtect will aggregate all data in one single dashboard and allow webmasters easy access to security settings for all of them.
If a site gets attacked nevertheless, CrawlProtect will log all attacks and targeted files to a MySQL database and print them in the dashboard for admins to review.
What's New in This Release:

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