• Metadata

    This not only works with web-pages, but files like PDF and Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations and more.

  • Queryparam Scanner Extension 1.1

    This extension makes use of QueryParam Scanner. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher· Bolt Limitations:· Still in development.

  • Datatypeconvert Cfc 1.1.4

    Data types like XML, CSV and others are included, and also a Query transformer is incorporated. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 6 or higher

  • Nummericstepper For Coldfusion Flashforms 1.0

    It uses the standard Adobe Flex API with no other installs necessary. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 or higher

  • Webservice For Coldfusion Flashforms 1.0

    The class provides Flex WebService the functionality to access a web service directly form a ColdFusion FlashForms. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 7 or higher· FlashForms

  • Remoteobject For Coldfusion Flashforms 1.0

    The function can be used to customize web forms and give them a better handling in the development process. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 7 or higher· FlashForms

  • Cf_head v1.0

    These tags need to be placed inside the HTML header tags.

  • Cf_stopwatch v1.0

    The user needs to place a specific block of code between the <cf_stopWatch></cf_stopWatch> and the script will automatically display the resulted execution time inside the HTML page.

  • Cf_location v1.0

    This version allows the user to use the <cfcookie> tag on the page and still use <cf_location> to redirect the user to a new location.

  • Cf_clearscope v1.0

    It can be used to safely clear application and session scopes in CF4.5

  • Cf_block2string v1.0

    All the input between <cf_block2String></cf_block2String> is captured and stored inside a variable.

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