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  • Logbox 1.6.1

    Inspired by Log4J, it has been bundled with ColdBox since version 3. Here are some key features of "LogBox":· LogBox can handle the inserting of logging and/or tracing statements in an application with a simple to use API while providing the abi

  • Combine.cfc 0.1.17b

    This way, website speed and server performance will be greatly increased.Installation: Upload combine.cfm and Combine.cfc on the web server.Modify the combine.cfm with the desired combine options and error handlers.Update the <script> and &

  • Soscontent 2.1.1

    This component will check which components, scripts, CSS files or images are already cached by the browser and will send only the needed files. What's New in This Release: · Modified addContent method to support positional adding (valid options

  • Johnnycache 1

    Bypassing takes place when a cached view already exists. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX or higher

  • Memcached Client 0.1.1

    This tool works similar to the memcached tool used on LiveJournal.The ColdFusion client is provides an easy to use custom tag or CFC API interface for managing data stored on memcached server. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 7 or higher· Memca

  • Transfersync 0.6

    The TransferSyncObserver is used with Transfer, and is triggered after a Create, Update, or Delete event is processed.It uses ColdFusion's JMS event gateway to send a message to the JMS server, which will broadcast it to all listening nodes.The Trans

  • Cacheclearer 1.2

    It can also show notices when trusted cache is turned off. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher

  • Simplelog 1.0

    Different instances of this script can be used in different part of a ColdFusion application (start-up, form submissions, data handling, etc.).Each of them can have different levels what to log.

  • Cachebox 0.9.12 BETA

    This SERVICE application can handle a variety of strategies from naive expiration-based caching, to Java SoftReferences and to external caching services like memcached.The service will also provide an algorithm for automatically switching between ava

  • Cfwatcher

    The script is an extension of the classical ColdFusion debugger, collecting debug information for later troubleshooting.For each request also is recorded the current memory state and the number of currently running/queued/timedout requests. Slow requ

  • Cfx_servuadmin v1.0 (alpha)

    They can add/edit user groups, change the login messages, create and verify new passwords, etc.

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