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  • Captcha.cfc v0.1

    This is a CFC that outputs a Captcha Image either to a designated file or as binary data that can be used in a <cfcontent> tag.Examples of both file output and cfcontent output are provided in the downloadable ZIP file.It will bolster the b

  • Cfsiteprotect 3.0

    It is a simplified method by which website admins/developers may add a layer of protection to their website by creating users and realms.To each realm, the admin can grant realm access on a user-by-user basis. Here are some key features of "cfSitePro

  • Portcullis 2.0.1

    Used as a security measure, it can help filter input, strip tags and escape HTML based on internal settings.It can also log attacks and temporarily block future attempts based on a set time limit.Portcullis can be installed into any ColdFusion applic

  • Securitycode Build 4

    This system can be used to protect any form, or any user submitted data from bots. Here are some key features of "SecurityCode":· Controlled by ActionScript for easy editing and custom builds.· Can control dots, shapes and lines from within

  • Cffirewall

    It's a useful protection tool against spam and malware attacks.

  • Alagad Captcha 1.1

    The Alagad Captcha is a ColdFusion Component written in native ColdFusion which generates images of obfuscated text. The text is intended to be human readable but not machine readable. By comparing a user provided string to the known value of the str

  • Bit Image Form Verification / Validation

    This custom tag uses a coldfusion component to open a .jpg and write some random text to it. This random text is encrypted in the form and the user has to be able to read the image to get a correct validation on the other end of the form. Does not re

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