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  • Dispatcher .1 beta

    Dispatcher can be instantiated into another application scope or simply be managed by a Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control container.If the developer already uses ColdSpring or LightWire, he can manage the dependency of Dispatcher for a Dispat

  • Metro 0.9.2

    It provides get(), new(), list(), save() and delete() methods for objects under a given package.For example, the security package included in metro contains three objects: User, Role and Permission. One can use get("objectName") or get{objectName}(),

  • Cfjson 1.5

    It works vice versa too. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX or higher

  • Cfcflexplorer 0.3.1

    With cfcFlexplorer develoeprs can simply modify an external XML file which holds two global variables: the server's root directory and the directory from which to begin crawling for CFCs.Once the application recurses the directories it returns all CF

  • Next-generator

    This tool will concentrate on providing better ussability for the developer to handle and understand a CF code generator. Here are some key features of "next-generator":Enhancements:· Added the ability to generate code for multiple tables at onc

  • Jsonutil 1.1

    ColdFusion 8's SerializeJSON function does the same thing, but this application has a better implementation.This component has two public methods, serialize and deserialize, which have method signatures similar to ColdFuison 8's built in Serialize/De

  • Codecop

    The script actively checks all desired code and reports back any problems or possible issues.It is fully configurable and you can choose which rules it will use to determine possible issues or even make your own rules (or import rules packages that o

  • Environmentconfig 1.1

    It will allow developers to define each environment and properties in an XML file.This file is processed when the application starts and EC will automatically detect the environment the application is running at, based on the domain name. The environ

  • Cf_debug v3.0

    Debug output is shown within a pop-up window created using JavaScript, not altering the original content of the template.

  • Model-glue: Coldfusion 3.1

    It enforces principles from Model-View-Controller design, eases implicit invocation, does repetitive work and interacts without any errors with other open-source ColdFusion frameworks. Here are some key features of "Model-Glue: ColdFusion":· Uno

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