• Project Tracker 2.6.3

    There are a lot of tools to help keep track of your projects written in various programming languages, with most of them in PHP, Java and Ruby.The Project Tracker app fits quite nicely in this category of tools, but it's written in a less used langua

  • Roombooking 1.01

    RoomBooking is not specifically geared toward hotels, doctor cabinets, nor hair saloons. It was coded right from the start to deal with agnostic business types, managing "events" at specified "locations", at specified "times".There's no extra fields

  • Event Calendar 1.0.4

    It supports multiple users, so the calendar can be used in office and business environments as a general planer. Here are some key features of "Event Calendar":· Drag and Drop events· Resizing events· Highlight and create events·

  • My To-do List

    Three levels of priority exist.The higher the priority, the higher the tak will be on the list.Tasks can be eliminated whenver the user clicks on the check marker.By clicking on the name, task details can be edited.It allows adding, updating and remo

  • Tmt Calendar 0.3.1

    It provides an user friendly AJAX-driven administrative GUI for adding and managing events, categories and skins. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher· MSSQL Server 2003 or higher· MySQL 5 or higher What's New in This Release: ·

  • Cfticketweb Beta 2

    It currently gets data from the Event Link Report in the TicketWeb client tools.It requires the TicketWeb client login username and password, as well as the OrgID.The OrgID can be found in the URL string or "view source" once the user is  logged

  • Bit Action Item System 4.0

    BIT Action Item System application allows you to organize your projects / tasks in a more efficient way.Web action item system has many features: - Integrates with Benson IT Solutions Web Calendar v3.3 and higher - Can be purchased separately or with

  • Bit Resource Scheduler

    The resource scheduler makes it easy to schedule almost any type of resource. Features:- Provides a central web system to schedule your organization's resources. - Customize resource types to meet your needsAdd your own resource types, i.e. “La

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