Coldfusion→Networking Tools

  • Cfconsole 1

    It sets up a Telnet connection to CF server consoles.Documentation on how to setup can be found in the "docs" folder.

  • Cfping

    CFPing can check a server by Windows Ping, HTTP Request and SMTP. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher

  • Whois Cfc 1.1

    It matches the functionality of the renowned CFX_Whois ColdFusion component. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher· createObject enabled for Java objects

  • Ip Ranger 1

    The script allows the admin to verify, delete, add and refresh IP address ranges.IPv4 IP address ranges may be added using wildcards (192.*.*.*), octect ranges (192.168.1-10.1-120), or a combination of both (192.168.*.1-120). Requirements:· Cold

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