• Cfdirectorylister

    The CFDirectoryLister ColdFusion component can override server specific styles and list a folder's content using an enhanced UI and file type icons.The component tries to replicate as much as possible a directory listing found in most desktop OSes. H

  • Cfakismet

    Akismet is a spam filtering service developed by the company that created WordPress. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 6 or higher· Akismet API Key Limitations:· No documentation yet.

  • Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text Generator v1.0

    Will generate and insert random text in CF pages as words, paragraphs or bytes of raw text.Also accessible via the context menu in the CF Builder editor window. Right-click and select the menu option 'Lipsum Generator'.  (CF Builder must be inst

  • Mangolipsum Plugin 0.9

    The text is retrieved from the service.The plugin helps with filling pages and posts during the construction phase of a blog. Requirements:· Mango Blog

  • Google Translate Plugin For Mango Blog 1.1

    The plugin activates a sidebar widget.There are options for vertical, horizontal and drop-down only.Options allow to automatically display the translation banner at the top of the browser window for users speaking other languages than the native page

  • Google Weather Plugin 1.0

    The weather information is retrieved via the Google Weather service.The plugin is controlled through a small admin screen that supplies options for display and location look-up.It uses the visitor's IP address to check Google Weather for the current

  • Tynt Plugin For Mango Blog 1.0

    Tynt is a service that enables its users to measure engagement by tracking when a visitor copies text or images from the site.The plugin works similar to Mango Blog's inherent Google Analytics plugin.It embeds tracking code into the head section of a

  • Facebook Like Button Plugin For Mango Blog 2.0

    Version 2.0 of the Facebook Like plugin adds several options into the admin panel to help control the new functionality.Besides layout options, users can set button width, button height, the label, to show faces or not, blog title, Facebook admin ID(

  • Geo Location Cfc 1

    It uses the free geo IP service at to return geographical information about an IP address.The component parses the CSV response from the server and present the information to the user or another ColdFusion app to work wit

  • Set Iis Root 1.0

    It works for setting the path for a project or ColdFusion folder.

  • Layout Components 1.0 RC1

    Layout Components can be considered as a fully-featured template engine for ColdFusion.Usage:<cf_layout title="Page Title"><cf_layout>(some content here)<cf_layout> Here are some key features of "Layout Components":·

  • Cf404 Rewrite 1.2.6

    The components allows the admin to define how he wants to rewrite URLs for SEO operations. Requirements:· ColdFusion 7 or higher Limitations:· Can not do a form post to an SEO URL with this script. Users still can do a normal form post to a

  • Cf_query2strarray 1.1

    CF_Query2StrArray works by transforming queries into arrays. What's New in This Release: · Added logic to ensure that the query exists and is a query object.· Also changed the logic to not use the evaluate function and moved as much logic a

  • Sessionswap 0.3

    It takes the user's session scope and serializes it into a string that is then stored in the database.From request to request if the session is changed then the database is updated.If the user gets bounced to another ColdFusion server or if the serve

  • Cf_googlemap 1.4

    Points, custom icons, lines and other features are supported.There are 4 tags that can be used in a combination to create various maps. Here are some key features of "cf_googleMap":· CF_GoogleMap: Is the main tag that the rest of the tags must b

  • Cfsms 0.2

    This has the ability to support both 1 and 2 way SMS.Webmasters can get applications to send SMS messages for as little as $14. Requirements:· MS-SQL 2000, 2005 or 2008· ColdFusion 7 or higher

  • Amazon S3 Rest Wrapper And Explorer 1.4 / 2.0

    This plugin supports all the operations the Amazon S3 API offers.It has S3 folder support, so the user can create sub-folders in any bucket and URL encoding for private and read only files.The Amazon S3 Explorer can explore an Amazon S3 account.It al

  • Cfadmin Utility Extensions 0.3

    The modules automate some common web administrator tasks. Here are some key features of "CFAdmin Utility Extensions":· FusionReactor JDBC wrapper· Server snapshot that with one click the admin can email himself a snapshot of the server and

  • Site Map Generator 1.0.6

    By default, the plugin will render a sitemap.xml file in the blog's root directory.The sitemap follows the standards set by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft,, and many more.The sitemap will be updated on post/page

  • Flash Showcase 1.0.1

    It adds a shortcode/shortcut kind of a mechanism, for easily specifying attributes for an embedded Flash file, without the hassle of learning a complicated syntax.Usage:<flash     source="{filenameswf}"    width="80

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