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  • Cf_selectswap 0.0.2

    This custom tag produces two list boxes, one with a set of available items and a second for selected items.Items can be moved between the two list boxes.The tag wraps up the HTML and JavaScript functionality.It degrades into a regular single select b

  • Better Autosuggest 1.0.7

    It wraps the cfinput tag in an enhanced custom tag.It allows to make more use of the autosuggest widget by exercising greater control of its properties that are not accessible through the cfinput tag. Here are some key features of "Better Autosuggest

  • Nuframework 1.0.0

    These are a series of complex custom tags that interrelate to each other.Each tag is nested in a subset of other tags to create sophisticated and advanced data managment forms.Each form can contain unlimited fields and tabs of related content. Requir

  • Recurrence Cfc 0.1

    The script will automatically read the dates entered through the form and print all the dates on which the event will take place. Requirements:· ColdFusion 6.1 or higher

  • Sebtags 1.0 RC4

    It will allow interaction with other ColdFusion components, providing good separation of form from function. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 6.1 or higher

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