Coldfusion→Form Processors

  • Cfmu 1.2

    CFMU has a custom tag and no longer requires a XML settings file. There are many examples of how to customize the tag included in the download package. Requirements:· ColdFusion 6 or higher· Railo 3.1 or higher· Open BD 1 or higher

  • Cfformmail 1.1

    It includes the CF Form Protect script for any kind of spam protection and reporting.Installation:1. Eextract the zip file2. Place de extracted folder inside the webroot folder3. Access http://localhost/cfformmail/ Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 7

  • Form2cfc 1.1

    The methods of a CFC have to be the following naming conventions: set#formFieldName#.So if a formField is named "lastname" the CFC must implement a method named "setLastname".If there are formfields without corresponding methods in a CFC no error wil

  • Coldfusion Contact Form 1.0

    This is a basic way to add a Coldfusion contact form to your website, it uses very simple HTML coding so at any level you will be able to have your visitors send emails to you. Features:- Easy to customize HTML code - Using cfmail to send mail throug

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