Coldfusion→Email Systems

  • Email Bounce Detector 1.1

    Displayed notification messages by the script:OK: received a delivery notification/status.Temporary: could not be delivered but will be retried.Permanent: the delivery failure was fatal.Blocked: denied by a spam filter or firewall.The result code of

  • Manage Bounced Emails (mbe) 1.1

    The script will follow subscriptions and unsubscribe from dead links or bounced emails.

  • Spoolmail 1.5.002

    The script can also work with external mail clients like Hotmail, Gmail and more.Along with reading the mail, the developer can delete the mail or move it back into the spool. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 6 or higher What's New in This Release:

  • Community Open Contact Importer 1.0

    For now it offers tools to import contacts from Gmail and IContact.

  • Defensio 1

    It can be used on any kind of user-generated content form on blogs, websites, or RIAs.All API functions are presented: validate-key, announce-article, audit-comment, report-false-negatives, report-false-positives, get-stats.

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