• Cf Shopkart 5.5 build 006

    CF Shopkart is a shopping cart utility for the ColdFusion development stack, currently inactive, but mature enough to be used for online stores today.The platform has seen lots of development and fares pretty well compared to current online store sol

  • Checkoutcfc .901

    The component successfully integrates a checkout and payment processing system using Google's Checkout system. Requirements:· Coldfusion MX7 or higher· BlueDragon 7.0 or higher

  • Cfpayment 0.9b

    It's a generalized API for interfacing payment gateways for credit card and other payment processing.It will help developers have a common single paltform for payment processing operations. Requirements:· ColdFusion MX 7 or higher

  • Gliint 5 beta 1

    This version uses ColdSpring to compose and configure the framework controllers.Both event based or command based models can be used.By following the Spring/ColdSpring design pattern and using Interceptors called 'Connectors',Gliint can receive and p

  • Ampleshop

    It has an automatic installation wizard, the only thing that requires user coding is the creation of a MS-SQL 2000 database. Here are some key features of "ampleShop":· Auctions management console for modifying all auctions from one centralized

  • Shopping Cart Store Builder

    Shopping Cart Store Builder -™ is a hosted shopping cart and e-commerce store builder that will instantly add shopping carts to any web site. Use the shopping cart store builder software to build your shopping cart quickly.Feature

  • Cfwebstore 6.10

    CFWebstore gives you everything you need to build everything from simple webstores to advanced, full-featured websites. And best of all, you get open source code that's easy to learn and customize!CFWebstore uses a Fusebox 3 framework. And what is Fu

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