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  • Galleon Coldfusion Forums

    The forum can be used as a customer support tool, community builder, website contact section and more. Here are some key features of "Galleon ColdFusion Forums":· Various levels of organization, beginning with a Conference, which has Forums, whi

  • Mango Postbyemail

    All mails received by the blog interface are parsed and data is pulled from them and published to the blog.Security keys and username need to be included in the email. If not, the plugin will consider it spam and discard it.PostByEmail also allo

  • Ontopic 0.1 beta

    This forum system will work under the onTap ColdFusion Framework. Requirements:· onTap Framework 3.2 or higher· DataFaucet ORM 1.0 beta or higher· onTap Plugin Manager 3.2 or higher

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