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  • Mxunit 2.1.3

    MXUnit is a part of the the xUnit family of unit testing frameworks, similar to the likes of PUnit, AsUnit, JUnit, JSFUnit, JsUnit, QUnit, QtUnit, PyUnit and many other more.Currently MXUnit is the top unit testing framework for ColdFusion and is wid

  • Bugconnect 1.0

    BugConnect provides support for integrating Bugzilla into ColdFusion websites.Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project. Here are some key features of "BugConnect":·

  • Cfamazon 1.0.0

    CFAmazon developers to use various Amazon services in their websites, with as little code written as possible.CFAmazon wraps various public APIs and provides quick functions to interact, query and retrieve results from those APIs.Demos are included w

  • Kloutcfc 0.1

    Klout is a web service for calculating the influence of a Twitter user and his tweets on others/web.kloutCFC can be used to compute a person's social media influence via the Klout API. Here are some key features of "kloutCFC":· Can fetch data in

  • Pastebincfc 0.2

    PasteBin is a free online storage for source code snippets storage.pastebinCFC allows the developer to query and return PasteBin-hosted code in JSON or as a CF struct object.The code can also be highlighted by a selected color scheme (language). Requ

  • Instagramcfc .1

    Instagram is a mobile photo service for sharing pictures with your friends, recently acquired by Facebook.This ColdFusion component (CFC) can be used in a variety of ways.For starters, instagramCFC supports getting popular images, photos by a certain

  • Openexchangeratecfc 0.2.1

    Open Exchange Rate is a service where developers can get free access to real-time exchange rates.This ColdFusion component wraps the service's API and retrieves exchange rates in JSON or CF array format.Besides just retrieving the currency rates and

  • Wowcoldfusionapi

    Can be used to query for WoW data from inside ColdFusion-powered apps. Modeled after the C# wrapper, WowDotNetAPI by Briam Ramos. Here are some key features of "WoWColdFusionAPI":· Modeled as a CFC· Get guild data· Get realm details

  • Spotify Metadata Api v1.0

    Spotify is a closed service for streaming online music.The CFC queries the Spotify API for artist, song, album, etc.and returns it in XML format., for later processing. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher

  • Shareaholic Api v1.0

    Shareaholic is a service to let web users share articles, comments, purchases and other activities with others, on various social networks. The CFC can be used to create links using the Shareaholic API to allow site visitors to share and promote CF p

  • Pingdom Api 1.1

    Pingdom is a website traffic monitoring service, with advanced statistics, alerts, reports and error analysis. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher· Pingdom API key What's New in This Release: · Initial release of Pingdom API ColdFusi

  • Github Post-receive Hook v1.0

    This CFC (ColdFusion component) will read Github commit information and output it in a detailed CFC or JSON string. The resulted object can then be manipulated in any way needed.The component does not use the GitHub API, but rather its Post-Receive U

  • Cfwunderground 1.1

    Weather Underground ( is an online weather forecast prediction service. Here are some key features of "CFWunderground":· Detailed weather reports· Webcam images· Geolookup· Historical report data· Forecasts,

  • Url Service Api Cfc v2.1 is an URL shortening service.The CFC provides the ability to return the response data in either XML (default) or JSON format. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher· API key What's New in This Release: · Added OAuth

  • Tweet Twitter Api v1.3.0

    Contains over 70 methods to interact and manage updates/queries through Twitter.The CFC can fetch data in various file formats (XML [default], JSON, RSS and/or Atom feeds). Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher· Twitter API key What's New i

  • Google Plus Api v0.9

    It wraps around the Google+ API to retrieve data and use it inside ColdFusion-powered apps. Here are some key features of "Google Plus API":· Get friend list· Search for friends· List people by acitivity· List recent activities

  • Cfevernote

    Evernote is a collection of web services, desktop and mobile software for taking, organizing and storing notes. Here are some key features of "CFEvernote":· View notes· View notebooks· Create notes· Create notebooks· Search n

  • Coldbox Relax 1.7

    ColdBox Relax can be used to create, test, monitor and document RESTful web services. What's New in This Release: · Fixes to JSONLint conversions.· Fixes to JSON Import/Exporting.

  • Wirebox 1.6.0

    WireBox was heaviliy inspired by other AOP frameworks like Google Guice, Grails Framework, Spring and ColdSpring.This is a standalone framework that can be used in any ColdFusion application by itself.It was part of ColdBox, but now can be used by it

  • Neptune 1.0 Beta 1.5

    It does not require all requests to be routed through one file (like index.cfm) nor does it require OOP knowledge.To build an app, a developer doesn't have to write much code, but this is because the framework size is very big.Neptune programs are se

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