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  • Databoss 1.3.0

    A database ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) is a library that abstracts database operations to a specific programming language. In layman's terms, an ORM is a collection of functions which when used automatically execute SQL code upon a database.ORMs a

  • Synapse 0.5

    Synapse allows for easy database data persistence and information retrieval and storage.Setup is based on code and convention, so mapping of objects to a table is done in the code, not via XML.Conventions are in the form of accessors and mutators (ge

  • Transfer Orm 1.1

    The library automates repetitive tasks like creating the SQL and custom CFCs that are often required when developing a ColdFusion application with database integration.Using a general configuration file, Transfer ORM knows how exactly to generate obj

  • Sqldoc 1

    Not as pretty and organized as an SQL Diagram, it can be updated as frequently as the user likes2It can also be customized via CSS. Requirements:· ColdFusion 6 or higher· MS-SQL Server 2000 or higher

  • Dbdiscover 0.2.2

    Written in ColdFusion and jQuery UI, it comes with automatic Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) generation.It's a great tool for developers who need to access disparate database servers from a central location. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or high

  • Squidhead 2.0.00695

    The component works with MySQL 5, Microsoft Sql Server 2000/2005 and Oracle 10g.All tables must have identity (MSSQL), auto increment (MySQL) or a sequence (Oracle). Here are some key features of "Squidhead":· It introspects a Database· It

  • Oracleaed 2.1

    This tool will create the forms for adding, updating, and deleting data from an Oracle database, by using a table to describe the other tables.Future plans include exposing parts of the DBA data dictionary, to ensure data type validation.I also need

  • Spcaller 1.0

    It will generate the all the necessary tags after the data structured is passed inside the component.All information about the stored proc's parameters are cached in the component, so it only needs to introspect a database once per stored procedure.

  • Coldfusion Database Explorer 1.1

    The application supports any (non-ODBC socket) DSN that can be used with ColdFusion. Requirements:· ColdFusion 8 or higher What's New in This Release: · Added support for hiding views, as well as showing the results of the query at the meta

  • Icegen 2.0 Preview

    ICEGen will load from the Application.cfc file. Requirements:· ColdFusion 7 or higher

  • Transfer Config 1.0.1

    Configuration options can also be entered in the GUI. Here are some key features of "Transfer Config":· UUID Convention - This is meant for SQL server that does not have UUID data type but instead we use char(35),so if you have this turned on ev

  • Cfsqlmaster 1

    Users can get DB general info, usage procedures, statistics, table status and more.

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