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  • Contentbox 1.2.0

    Developed on top of ColdBox, a framework for enterprise level ColdFusion development, ContentBox allows ColdFusion developers to run websites from their favorite language.Even if written in ColdFusion, ContentBox is a top of the line solution, not la

  • Contentcaster 1.1.stable.2008.11.08.r30

    It is more of a delivery platform than actual CMS, helping developers build their own content delivery servers.This application is perfect for anyone who regularly creates their content ahead of time but has to manually rotate the content on a daily,

  • Mura Cms 6.0.5343

    Mura CMS comes in two separate flavors.Mura Standard:The source files for Mura and can be deployed on any Adobe ColdFusion MX7 (or newer) or Railo 2.0+ server.Mura Express:A version to get up and running instantly. Mura Express is a fully self-contai

  • Yet Another Coldfusion Cms 1.0.00180

    It allows developers used to CF environments to have their website managed in ColdFusion. Here are some key features of "Yet Another ColdFusion CMS":· Is easy to use· Allows mixing of CMS'ed and programmatic pieces· Allows mixing of se

  • Katapult 1.0.3

    Katapult does not use a database storage system.It was built to be very easy to setup and maintain.Navigation and pages are saved directly on the site in either HTML, XML and/or CFML formats.Installation:Extract archive to web serverModify conf/conf.

  • Farcry 6.2.7

    This tool can be used to build websites, providing good support for Google Maps libraries, image manipulation, free text searching and much more.FarCry doubles as a CMF (content management framework) and CMS (content management system) as well. Here

  • Bytespringcms 1.3.101

    It is supposed to be a lightweight and easy solution for small websites, blogs and developers in their prime.It is written to fill a niche for those small business sites that are easy as pie to build, but a developer never has the time to do it.Insta

  • Webos Cfm 1.25

    WebOS was developed because of the need for an easy to edit, install and administrate content management system in ColdFusion.WebOS solves all of the tediousness and difficulties in running and administrating a Dynamic ColdFusion CMS. With an easy-to

  • Coldfusion Cms Toolkit

    The goal of this project is to build a common toolkit of CFMX components used in most cms apps. These pieces can all be used together or separately. Some of these components may look familiar many where inspired by the macromedia spectra product.

  • Cms Sourcecode 0.6

    This is the source code for the website. Its written in Cold Fusion and is starting to become a fairly full featured CMS.

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