• My Blog 0.1

    It uses MySQL to store content.It also doesn't need any extra DLL files or Java setups. Requirements:· ColdFusion 7 or higher· Railo· Bluedragon

  • Mango Blog 1.7

    It provides the core engine to administrate and publish content and for using different plugins and skins to extend its basic functionality and look.Installation:Create a database or have one (can be non-empty) database ready.Upload the unzipped file

  • Blogcfc

    Developed in 2005, this blogging platform has slowly gathered a following.It includes all the standard features of a blogging platform. Here are some key features of "BlogCFC":· Send Entry· CAPTCHA· Podcasting· Related Entries

  • 1ssblog 1.2

    Users can change skins, add pods, refresh cache as for the entire application and more.It can also import data from the BlogCFC platform. Requirements:· CFMX or higher· MSSQL 2000 or higher

  • Cfbloggy 1.0.004

    CFBloggy is a simple blog application with some special features, but nothing like BlogCFC. This is a starting point for beginners. It is very easy to install and use and provides a good compatibility with all major web browsers.

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