Codethateditor v1.4.1

The CodeThat's Java Script editor is WYSIWYG HTML and JavaScript technologies based editor that enables user to edit the text applying various effects supported by HTML and Rich Text enabled editors.Features
- Toolbar with the configurable buttons (disabled or enabled state of each is configurable).
- Text Formats: bold, italic, underline and aligns: left, right, center.
- Support for setting text and background colors (PRO version ONLY).
- Support for setting the font and size of entire text or block of the text.
- It is possible to paste content directly from the clipboard (PRO version ONLY).
- It is possible to insert ordered and unordered list (PRO version ONLY)
- Database awareness (PRO version ONLY)
- Vertical and horizontal scrolling capabilities.
- Customizable toolbar (PRO version ONLY).
- Customizable palette (PRO version ONLY).
- E-mail feedback form in a nutshell. Built-in ability to send the e-mail messages.
- Unlimited number of editors on single page, each independently configurable.

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