This is a minesweeper-like puzzle game. Your purpose is to flag all mines and clear the safe areas (empty grids).
The clue lies in both the colors and the digits of the grids surrounding the minefield.
If the number is shown in black (as in the upper and left parts), it implies the number of mine blocks in the corresponding row or column,
and in diagnoses in four corners'' case; Similarily, a white number (as in the lower and right parts) indicates the blocks of empty grids;
The color itself tells the pattern of these blocks; Same color, same pattern. By pattern, it means how the blocks are formed, and it only
count the mines if it is a mine pattern, or empty grids when it is an empty grid pattern; e.g. 1123 is the same pattern for *--*-**---***(mine),
*-*-**--***(mine), -***-*--*---*(empty), -*-**--*---(empty);
(*:mine, -:empty space)
Patterns are always counted from left to right, from top to down.
Beware though, a puzzle larger than 6x6 is pretty darn hard. Requirements:
· MATLAB Release: R14SP1

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