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  • Clearscript 5.2.1

    ClearScript is a mash-up from Google's V8 engine, Microsoft's JScript and VBScript, for allowing adding a scripting language interpreter to any .NET-based website, desktop or mobile application.ClearScript comes with full support for generic types an

  • Fructose

    The syntax is similar to Ruby's, with appropriate changes and standard library differences to be feasible under PHP.Fructose comes in two parts, the language itself, written in C#, and libfructose, a PHP library. Every outputted Fructose file include

  • Clojureclr 1.3.0 / 1.4.0 Alpha 2

    It stays as close as possible to the original Clojure JVM implementation.It closely implements a feature-complete Clojure on top of CLR/DLR. Limitations:· The status is in Beta, and is still best for developers until we develop an installer.

  • Jstrim 1.0.2

    Developers can merge and compress multiple JS files using basic minimisation or the Dean Edvards packing (packer) algoritm.It has also preprocessor statements so the programmer can include/exclude portions of the code based on defines much like C/C++

  • Packer2.net 1.0

    It additionally supports code obfuscation. Here are some key features of "packer2.net":· Respects Microsoft conditional comments· New option to shrink variable and argument identifiers· Removed the special chars feature (except the ;;;

  • Jquerysharp

    It uses the Script# C#-to-JavaScript compiler to manage the translation.It supports jQuery using the jQuery() syntax rather than the $() syntax, to avoid conflicts. InstallationGrab the Visual Studio 2008 solution and build it. Run the Example/Exampl

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