C#→Networking Tools

  • Udp Web Listener 1.00

    UDP Web listener allows developers to create applications that can send and receive UDP data packets between different computers.The library is perfect for any networking-like system or devices working with GPS data.Tested on Windows Server 2003+ and

  • Wkillcx 1.0.0

    The download package supplies a binary and a source code versions as well.wKillcx works by browsing the TCP connection table to find any matching connection. If any, it will kill it by changing its state to MIB_TCP_STATE_DELETE_TCB inside a MIB_TCPRO

  • Sharp Serialization Library 0.5

    Sharp Serialization Library serializes and deserializes primitives, ArrayLists and Hashtables, compatible with PHP serialize(). Use it for SOAP/Web Services communications where Hashtables cannot be passed otherwise, or saving to a file readable by p

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