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  • Adaptiveimages

    The Adaptive Images tool automatically resizes images for mobile devices, based on the available viewport size. Can be used by all .NET developers in their web pages.The project can be compiled to a DLL and dropped into any .NET 4 project.The origina

  • Signaturetoimagedotnet 2.0

    Using the outputted JSON data from the canvas signature, it generates an image at server side using C#.The output image can be in PEG, PNG or GIF format. Here are some key features of "SignatureToImageDotNet":· Pen Color· Background Color&#

  • Open Photo Album 1.0

    Users can create accounts, create albums, upload photos, add effects to images and share them with their friends. Here are some key features of "Open Photo Album":· General membership management features.· Upload photos.· Organize phot

  • Nsecureimage

    The class comes with Unit Tests included.

  • Quickthumbs

    Installation instructions can be found in the project's README file.

  • Clearimage Repair

    ClearImage Repair addresses the common image quality issues of fax and scanned images. Without operator intervention, it automatically analyzes, cleans up and standardizes the appearance of images for archiving, for viewing without operator fatigue,

  • Clearimage Tools

    Imaging professionals as well as IT developers can use Tools to quickly build form recognition, image modification and image quality control applications. Like all other ClearImage engines, Tools can operate on Bi-tonal, Color and Grayscale images, s

  • Flashback

    FlashBack is an JPG image recovery application for flash cards. It will attempt to recover the original image and preserve metadata. Currently it only recovers JPG files. Soon it will it will recover most raw formats.

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