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  • Hqxsharp 0.2

    hqx stands for "high quality magnification" and is a technique used in C image processing toolkits, mainly for working with pixel art graphics.hqxSharp is a port of that algorithm to C#.The library will resize pixel art (8bit graphics) at higher reso

  • Hks

    It works only under Windows systems. Requirements:· Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

  • Itunes Export 1.4

    iTunes Export exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to standard .m3u, .wpl (Windows Media), or .zpl (Zune) playlists. iTunes Export is open source and freely available for use. iTunes Export provides a simple command line application

  • Swfdotnet Framework 1.0RC1

    SwfDotNet framework is a full .Net open source library for writing, reading and generating Flash(tm) Swf files on-the-fly with C# .Net or VB.Net. It's composed of packages for IO writing/reading process.

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